RESOLVER, a new automated tool for handling complaints ?

Martin Lewis’s excellent website recommends this new automated service.  He says:

“The free online tool Resolver takes the hassle out of making a complaint, by helping you draft a letter, send it, monitor replies and then escalate it to an Ombudsman or key complaint body if it’s not sorted.”

“Several ombudsmen, regulators and other external complaints bodies accept submissions directly via Resolver. You won’t have to use its normal forms and can fill in a Resolver template instead.  This includes big ones such as the Financial Ombudsman Service, Ombudsman Services (energy and telecoms), OFWAT (water), the Local Government Ombudsman and the Legal Ombudsman Service.”  Hmmmmm….I’ll be interested to see if this arrangement works out.

Only time will tell whether this will be any good, but I have a high regard for Martin Lewis and it may mean some complaints are handled before going to the Ombudsman system with all its delays.   More details are available on this page

The Resolver website is here.

NB.  I don’t know anything about this service and I am not specifically recommending it, I just read about it on Martin Lewis’s site and it looks interesting.


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