Updated: 7 year battle with Insurance Company AND with FOS

Mr Kevin Arrowsmith’s case shows the value of never giving in when in a dispute with a financial firm or the FOS.  This case seems to have taken 7 years with constant misunderstandings etc. throughout.   Here’s a taster:

  • Insurance company said he was not insured
  • Confusion over whether policy was his or his father’s and whether it was cancelled
  • Mr Arrowsmith accuses FOS of fraud…goes to police
  • FOS said evidence of payments to insurance company did not prove he was insured
  • FOS eventually finds for Mr Arrowsmith, but does not follow its own guidance (No surprise here…the same thing happened in my own case !) and he says he’s owed a 6 figure sum
  • The case continues…

Full story in FT Adviser

UPDATE The case has been rejected by the Bank, and the matter will be passed to an ombudsman.

Updated story in FT Adviser

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