FOS ombudsman overturns adjudicator…doesn’t happen often !

This does not happen very often…Why ?  Well in their Annual Review FOS say:

“Because of the way ombudsmen share knowledge with adjudicators – and because our approach is well-established in most areas – it’s unusual for an ombudsman to reach different conclusions to the adjudicator who initially looked at a complaint. In 92% of final decisions this year, the ombudsman didn’t recommend anything different to the adjudicator. Where they did, it was usually because new facts or evidence came to light only after the adjudicator had given their answer.”

So when the Ombudsman overrules the adjudicator it’s usually because new facts or evidence came to light…but in this case this does not seem to be the case…A link to the story is below…some interesting comments at the foot of page 2.

Full story here in FT Adviser

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