UPDATE: FoI request asks awkward questions of the Legal #Ombudsman, answers now published

LeO has now answered most questions.  See post dated 18/12/2015
A new FoI request asks the following questions.   It will be interesting to see what the response is but the list is long so it may enable LeO to avoid answering on the basis that it would cost too much.  If this happens the questioner could just ask the question again with a few less topics.1. How much has it cost to instruct outside lawyers to review the
Governance of the OLC?
2. How much has it cost to investigate the expenses scandal?
3. How much does it cost for sandwiches and refreshments for board
meeting and on what basis are they provided bearing in mind they
start at 11 am and the members are paid huge fees for their time.
How does this square with austerity??
4. Has there ever been any fees paid to a member of the House of
Lords or a research company run by a member of the House of Lords.
Please could the tender documents be disclosed and if a payment was
made was this agreed with the MoJ?
5. Since LeO came into being how many times have members of the
board used first class rail travel and what was the reasons for
6. Given that the finance department must have processed these
claims was it rank incompetence or pressure that allowed them to be
7. Has any money of any sort been recovered from the expenses
8. How much money was spent from the training funds provided to
Northumbria University on Xmas parties, in particular how much was
spent on alcohol?
9. How much has it cost to pay for interim post holders in relation
to the CEO/ CO over the period whilst the roles have been vacant?

Original FoI request

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