LeO publishes outlay on the expenses scandal, alcohol, first class rail, board lunches

Want to know how much the LeO has spent on investigating the expenses scandal, alcohol, first class rail travel, board lunches and fees to a certain research company ?

Judging by the expenditure on booze at awards events and/or Christmas parties, the LeO does not stint on hospitality, it would be interesting to know how many people attended these events.

But don’t expect to read how much was recovered from the expenses scandal, or the costs of interim post holders… It seems that these answers are not required under the FoI Act, or can be refused as they are about to be published in the Annual Report.  The Annual Report for 2014-15 should be worth reading ! preliminary copies are in the hands of the Legal Services Board and the report should be public soon.

Answers in this new FoI request. An interesting document.

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