FOS does not hold guidance for adjudicators or ombudsmen on what to do if a firm makes a fraudulent representation (Updated)

An FOI request has asked the FOS about instructions or guidance for staff on how they should behave on discovering a business has acted fraudulently during an investigation.
Answer: NO INFORMATION HELD.  Surely there must be an error here…can there really be 2000 adjudicators and ombudsmen without guidance (so acting as they personally think best) when a firm behaves fraudulently ?

“Can you please advise on the actions you take when you become aware that
a complained about business has made a fraudulent submission (ie. a false
representation) which is (or is intended to be, or was) used by an
adjudicator/ombudsman when deciding a complaint?

When you later become aware of a submission that was fraudulent, how does
this affect any published ombudsman decision?”
Unfortunately we don’t hold any recorded information on how we’d approach the
specific situation that you’ve highlighted.

This is similar to something at the Legal Ombudsman who have no guidance for staff on how to handle a complaint that an ombudsman may have been biased.

UPDATE:  The same FOI questioner has now asked FOS to publish their internal “Introduction to Fraud” training course material.   So…if there is such a course it must surely cover fraud by firms…so why did FOS say they don’t hold information on this subject.  We shall see.

FOI request on “What do they know” website
Response letter from FOS
List of training courses available at FOS

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