FOS FOI web page…includes reminder that a Subject Access Request may be needed to get personal information

FOS has updated its web page on how to make a Freedom of Information Request.  The most interesting addition is a reminder that you may need to make a Subject Access Request (cost £10) if you want information held by FOS about yourself.

Of course an FOI sent direct to FOS may be best for personal issues, but for general matters please consider the “What do they know ” website.  This publishes the question asked and (importantly) FOS’s reply (if any).  Its easy to use, and FOS accept they must reply to such email requests, though they sometimes dispute whether questioners are using their own names.   The site can be uses for an FOI request to the Legal Ombudsman or any organisation subject to the FOI Act.
What do they know website, make a request to FOS page

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