Confirmed… It will take FOS vastly more that 18 hours to find details of the FOS Paypal course or who attended training.

A few months ago FOS published a list of training courses available at FOS and recently someone has asked for detail of two of the courses.  FOS declines to give this information as they don’t seem to keep easily accessible records of the course material, or who ran the courses or who attended.  Here is what FOS say:

When searching for the information you have requested we were informed by our
learning and development team that whilst there was a record of a training session called ‘Our approach to Paypal’ had taken place, we do not have a central record of the session itself.  …… However the learning and development team will not necessarily be informed of which individual ran the session or which department, or indeed which members of our staff attended the training.
In the absence of details such as who (sic) the training session, or when it was (sic) ran we would have to conduct a manual search for the information. 
(My emphasis).  As a result of which its too expensive for an FOI response because it would take more that 18 hours to track down the information requested.


Hmmmmm……No easily accessible record of which staff attended a training course !  Can’t be correct surely ?   Well, the matter went to FOS internal review and FOS confirm it would take them “vastly” more than 18 hours to find out whether or not they hold the information.  So they will not provide it.

It seems it will take FOS “vastly” more than 18 working hours to discover which staff did the FOS Paypal course !   I still can’t believe it.

I’ve considered your additional comments in light of the response provided to you by Ms Sajid’s and I’ve spoken to our Learning and Development team about locating the training materials.
Unfortunately we don’t hold a record of when a training session on ‘our approach to PayPal’ was run or who run (sic) it. Because of this the time taken to locate whether or not we hold this information would vastly exceed 18 hours – so we’re unable to provide you with a copy of the information you’ve asked for.

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