Read what FOS staff think of their employer. Comments appear on review website. It does not make good reading.

I have discovered a website which allows a firm’s staff and recent staff, to describe what its like working for their employer.  The object being to allow anyone thinking of working there to see what it’s really like.   The website has information on many firms and there is a large section devoted to the FOS (and a small one for the LeO).  It makes quite shocking reading as the same subjects come up again and again from over 100 staff .  Judging by what they say, the FOS has a lot of problems, not the least of which is the current/recent structural changes.

To use the site at length you will need to join it.  It’s not too arduous and you can join for a week on a temporary basis but access will then be then restricted.  It’s anonymous.

Log onto http://GLASSDOOR.CO.UK
Click Company reviews on the top menu
Type in Financial Ombudsman Service (in full) and click the search icon
Click on Reviews
The site is a bit “busy” but a list of comments from over 100 FOS staff will be shown

Reading between the lines, I think the staff are trying to talk to their management as well as potential joiners.  (Its not all bad, they do like the benefits package, atmosphere, gym and the canteen), but some of the criticism is serious, shocking even.  Whether the reviews are genuine or not is perhaps debatable, but the fact remains that they are out there.  The comments have been published, and FOS management has to decide what to do about them.

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