Pensions ombudsman backs up earlier ruling which conflicted with FOS decision

Some time ago the FOS and pensions ombudsman took opposite views on a case regarding the responsibilities of SIPP providers and due diligence regarding the clients’ investments in the SIPP.   Now the pensions ombudsman has made a similar ruling in another case.  There has apparently been talk of a Judicial Review of the first decision and FOS has reviewed its decision, the result of this is not known. (But Ombudsman decisions are final, no appeal is possible, so the plot thickens).

Recently FOS has declined an FOI request to publish info about an ombudsman’s  course entitled “Judicial Review – Lessons learned”.
Latest pensions ombudsman case, story in FT Adviser
Earlier case with FOS opposing view, story in FT Adviser
FOS refuses to disclose JR course details

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