FOI publishes inducements/gifts & hospitality data (in unhelpful format)

An FOI request for the inducements/gifts & hospitality data has produced a response from FOS.  It is available in two formats…HTML which is almost useless to ordinary people trying to read the response, and .PDF which prints the columns 1-4 on pages 1-7, followed by columns 5-7 on a pages 8-14.  Not easy to read, but it is useable with care…or better to print out all 14 pages and line them up perhaps.

Mostly minor stuff but there is one payment of “Circe 2K” to a lead ombudsman for a 5 day trip to a conference in Armenia which “acknowledged our status as world leaders in Ombudsmanry”.

PDF version available here

UPDATE: Figures also available for 2014, still in very awkward format.  Questioner asks for XLS format (to make them readable I presume)…no response yet

UPDATE: Figs for 2014 now (at last) available in XLS
2014 inducements/gifts hospitality in XLS

UPDATE: 2015 inducements/gifts hospitality

UPDATE: Gifts/hospitality policy guide

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