FOS dodges request to publish training requirements for Ombudsmen

An FOI request asked for the “precise training requirements for the role of Ombudsman”.  This is a very interesting question as Ombudsmen come from very varied backgrounds and there may not be much formal training because of the wide variation in requirements.  On the other hand the varied backgrounds may require a lengthy course I suppose.

FOS replied by sending an ombudsman job profile or similar document which contains very little information about training.  Its the sort of handout that might accompany a job application.  The questioner has asked for an Internal Review.

UPDATE 2:  A different FOI request from someone else has asked for the “entry grade ombudsman induction program”.  This has produced a much more helpful response with some power-point slides, also revealing that “entry grade” ombudsmen are recruited internally.  Unfortunately the information provided only appears to deal with PPI matters. Perhaps “entry grade” ombudsmen only do PPI ?

“Our entry grade ombudsmen are recruited internally so they don’t have a formal 
induction programme in the same way that our external applicants for our adjudicator 
and ombudsman roles do. After all, they already know about how our service works 
and are aware of internal things like the building layouts and how to use our case-
handling system.  
We do however provide our entry grade ombudsmen with an introduction to the role 
and I’ve included copies of this material.” 

UPDATE 3:  But it now seems the information provided was not complete…the questioner has asked for the full 6 week course.  This will presumable contain the “non-ppi” part of the course.

UPDATE 4:  6 week training program finally published, see link to FOI question below

Read the entry grade induction material here

Read the FOI question and answer in full here

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