FOI on “gagging orders” and FOS policy. £1.76million paid to 61 employees in 5 years

01 Jun:  This freedom of information request should be a hot potato !

Please advise the following with regards to Compromise Agreements (non disclosure of information, otherwise Gagging Orders).

1. How many in place for executives.
2. How many in place for all other employees.
3. Total cost or amount paid to executives.
4. Total cost or amount paid to all other employees.

Over the past 5 years.

Furnish any policy or procedures in relation to this produced or used by HR / Management.

Reply promised by 28 June 2016.
I would expect that there will be no gagging orders at all… I certainly hope not… A gagging order implies the possibility of something nasty in the woodpile.  Not the sort of thing FOS should be involved with.
We shall see…maybe ?

UPDATE 1: 29 Jun:  FOS can’t answer this in the legal time permitted… and have advised the response will be “slightly” delayed.   “Slightly” means a 3 week delay, while FOS decide how to handle this request.  Now promised for no later than 18th July 2016.

UPDATE 2: 18 Jul. Details now published !
After a full 3 weeks further thinking about it, ( 7 weeks in all), FOS finally produce these figures on the last day.  The figures are mildly shocking, but simple enough.  I can’t see why it took 7 weeks to comply with the FOI request.  Even now, the PDF file is marked as a draft, but it’s probably the final answer.

Over the past five years, settlement agreements have been put in place for 4 executive team members; a total of £267,256. (£66.8k each on average), and 57 other employees; a total of £1,501,287.  (£26.3k each on average).

FOS refer to these agreements as settlement agreements, and they have declined to publish the requested policy documents on the grounds it will affect their commercial interests.

Link to FOI

Link to .pdf of question and answer

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