FOS seems to have stopped recruiting ombudsmen from outside the organisation.

Things seem to have changed in the way new ombudsmen are appointed !  The current list ombudsman list (end of July 2016) shows that in the year so far, 62 ombudsmen were appointed and every single one of these was a previous FOS employee, many were adjudicators or team managers. So far in 2016, no external persons joined the FOS as ombudsmen.

There must be a reason…perhaps the current FOS restructuring requires less adjudicators to make up the new teams and they are being moved upstairs ?  I have heard that some employees have been asked to re-apply for their posts, or asked to apply for different posts. mentions this.

Whatever the reason, it seems there has been no fresh blood to bring new ideas to the FOS ombudsmans’ ranks recently.  Interestingly, a recent FOI request asked for details of ombudsmen who have taken the post on a reduced salary, but FOS have ludicrously avoided answering, by suggesting the question asked was too complicated.

List of FOS Ombudsmen, July 2016

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