Want to see your FOS case file ? Just ask ?

This is a useful quote from an FOI question confirming arrangements for both parties in a case to see what has been said by the other !

It is not our policy to deny sharing information with either party to a complaint. 
Rather, we recognise that to understand our reasoning it’s important for both parties 
to see what we’ve relied on. So, right from the start of our process we explain that if a consumer or business wants to see information that we’re relying on, we’ll be happy to share this information with them.

Adjudicators and ombudsmen will share information that they’ve relied on informally 
– that is without the need to make a formal request for information under the Data 
Protection Act 1998. However, these requests are limited to the information used to 
reach a conclusion on the complaint – and isn’t the entire file.

If a consumer wishes to see more than just what we’ve relied on they can do so by 
making a subject access request under the Data Protection Act 1998. We’ve 
explained this on our website and it’s the guidance that the information rights team 
share with adjudicators and ombudsmen when advising what the best route to share 
information is.”   (my italics)

Actual FOI reply

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