FOS move to Coventry gets closer as new building completed

The first building of Coventry’s new business district has been completed and handed over to the developers.
This is One Friargate which is to be shared between 1350 Coventry City Council employees and 300 FOS staff.  FOS will take two floors.  A “swish” ground floor holds a conference room and coffee shop shared between Council and FOS.  Presumably FOS has decided who will be moving and when.

Building work in the area will continue for some considerable time !  Demolition to make room for the Two Friargate building next door will start soon and the whole complex will have 13 more buildings.  Proximity to the railway station means journeys to London will be easy as most of FOS is staying in the East End…for now ?

Graphic of the area showing planned development  (try comparing with Google streetview)

Friargate website with pictures and full details

Article in “Insider Media” with picture 

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