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Freedom of Information requests
This link points to the “What do they know” website which allows anyone to easily ask an FOI question and force FOS to reply in public.   Of course FOS do have their own website page on making an FOI request if you don’t want to use “What do they know”.

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman watcher (
Want to know what really happens when you complain to the PHSO about the NHS ?  Take a look at this excellent site.

Ombudsman Watchers (watches Public Service and Local Government Ombudsmen)
No longer an active website, but still well worth checking as a valuable resource

Open democracy website
The Ombudsman service (the FOS) is financed by the finance industry. Why do so many people seem to regard its operations with contempt?  A critical view of FOS with some good quotes !

FOS decisions published
The Financial Ombudsman publishes many of its decisions at this website.  But only Ombudsman decisions (not adjudicator’s determinations) are published.  Since 80% of all FOS cases are settled by adjudicators, the website is not typical of FOS decisions.

FOS annual review 2015/16

An initial commentary on the draft public services ombuds bill
On 5 December 2016, the Cabinet Office published the draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill, setting out its proposals for bringing together the responsibilities of the current Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and the Local Government Ombudsman to create a new organisation with strengthened governance and accountability for complaints about public services in England.

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